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SAMS for the first time is now offering online subscriptions, so you can get access to each Thursday’s Sentinel ON A THURSDAY, EVERY THURSDAY - the same time our print paper goes out on-island.

Each PDF is In FULL COLOUR, and you’ll pay LESS than you would for a black-and-white, printed copy.

You can trial the service for three months, or go straight to a one-year subscription.


Why subscribe?

If you want news from the South Atlantic, this is the best place to get it.

Some of the best diving and fishing in the world;

Over 30 percent of the biodiversity in the whole of the UK and its Overseas Territories;

A unique and diverse landscape and history;

And generally, life in the middle of the ocean, on a 47-sq. mile volcanic outcrop that is struggling through Brexit, through the aftereffects of the St Helena Airport saga, through its first years of air access and cell service and is clinging on to its unique and incredible culture through it all.

The Sentinel is one of the two newspapers produced on St Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean.

Following the opening of the once-infamous St Helena Airport, the island is gaining attention as one of 2018’s hottest travel destinations - “one of the only authentic destinations left in the world,” according to Lyn Hughes of Wanderlust magazine.

If you’ve lived here, or visited here, you’ll know why.

And you can see St Helena’s authenticity within The Sentinel - in stories about the issues that the island’s first zebra crossing caused; stories about the legendary ‘Monkat’; stories about nurdles and boats being washed from the east coast of South Africa all the way to the island.

Family and friends of Saints - its your way to keep up with everyone and everything on the island.

You can get your rumours and opinions elsewhere; but you can turn to SAMS for the fastest and most reliable news from St Helena.

Why are we moving to paid subscription?

Within the past year, SAMS has undergone huge change.

Since last year, when the new CEO (the granddaughter of Fred ‘Sonny’ Ward) joined the company, we’ve made a lot of headway:

We’ve decreased from 10 staff down to 4.

We’ve launched a new website for the first time in the company’s history.

We’ve revitalised The Sentinel.

We’ve taken on our first SHCC apprentice (and we plan to expand our training efforts, as nowhere else on the island offers any media training and media is a diverse field that could greatly benefit the opportunities of young Saints).

We’ve caught up with audits, overhauled the Policies & Procedures, implemented internal trainings and hosted our first community event (Flight Night, in honour of the island’s first commercial passenger flight in October 2017).

AND, we’ve decreased our Government subsidy by over £32,500.

And we will receive no subsidy within the next two years.

But to survive, we need to make moves toward things like online subscription.

Especially in the economic climate on St Helena - with all monopoly companies (utilities, communications and printers) increasing costs.

We know we’ve still got a long road ahead of us, but we’re ready to take it on and glad to have you right there with us.