The Cutting Edge

09 August 2018
The promised tourist numbers aren't coming in to the island through the St Helena Airport - what are the effects? Check out how business is going for one salon owner, Sandie Walters - and see the quality products she manages to source despite the difficulties of operating a business on such a remote island. .....

Isolated Island in Popular PC Game

28 Spetemeber 2018
St Helena Island, in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, is accessible in two ways: via ship (usually a five-day voyage from Cape Town), or via a flight from Johannesburg. But, as of Jan. 11, there is a third way to access the island – and you don't even have to leave your house.....

Durban "Environmental Disaster" Reaches Galapagos of the South Atlantic

05 Spetemeber 2018
Part of an October 2017 "disastrous" cargo spill, which set loose about 2 billion toxic pellets of plastic into the ocean near Durban, recently reached the remote shores of St Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean – over 2,500km from the west coast of Namibia....