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News archive November 2012
November 2012 News Archive
St Helena Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes Night at the Godfather's Rock Club.



Literacy Awareness Day: St Pauls Primary School held a Literacy Awareness Day on 23 November. Children had to dress up as a book or movie character and judges had the task of choosing the winners.
30 November 2012

Governor's Cup Trophy:
Governor Capes receives cup in Simon's Town, South Africa.
SHG Press Release, 30 November 2012

New Donkey Home: Since June 2012, the former donkey sanctuary located at Blue Hill has been renamed the donkey home, where a new shelter is being built. Jodie Mills, Darwin Project Manager told us about the work being done.
29 November 2012

RRS Ernest Shackleton: The Royal Research Ship the RRS 'Ernest Shackleton' arrived in St. Helena at 7:30 am on Wednesday 28 November. The vessel was scheduled to make a quick visit, less than 24 hours.
28 November 2012

RMS experience: Plantation staff Debbie Stroud and Melissa Clingham are currently onboard the RMS St Helena gaining work experience on a trip to Cape Town.
28 November 2012

Power Station back online early: On Sunday 25 November, a week ahead of schedule, the Energy Division successfully brought the Power Station back online after major upgrades.
28 November 2012

SHAPE Fun Day: SHAPE held a fun day at Pub Paradise on Sunday 15 November at 12 noon.
26 November 2012

Fifth Anniversary for Chief Justice: Chief Justice, Charles Ekins' marked his five year anniversary of service to the island.
23 November 2012

Governor's Cup Yacht Race Entries: Over 90 crew will be taking part in this year's yacht race from Simon's Town, South Africa, to Jamestown, St Helena. Officials confirmed the figures this week.
23 November 2012

Baby News: Gemma Andrews and Meshara Yon are made proud parents of baby boy, Matt Nysie Yon.
22 November 2012

Acting Governor Sworn in: Acting Governor, Owen O'Sullivan took the Oaths of Office at 12 noon on Wednesday 21st November in the Governor's office at the Castle. 
21 November 2012

Roads Section Summer Programme: The Roads Section has commenced their Summer Programme. Their aim is to resurface 10% of the Island’s main roads during the good weather.
21 November 2012

Prince Andrew School Awards Day 2012: Parents and invited guests gathered in the PAS Sports Hall to celebrate our youth's achievements.
19 November 2012

SHG Restructuring: The post of Director of Infrastructure and Utilities disappeared and, as a result, the current Director, David Thomson, has been released from his contract, with effect from Friday 16 November 2012.
SHG Press Release, 19 November 2012

Prince Andrew School Awards 2012: On Monday 19 November the 2012 Certificate and Awards Ceremony took place in the main hall at Prince Andrew School. This was the last formal school occasion for Headteacher Swart.
19 November 2012

Huge Blast on Prosperous Bay Plain: On Friday 16 November approximately 30 tonnes of explosives were detonated at the airport site, believed to be the largest single blast carried out on St Helena to date.
16 November 2012

SENTINEL CORRECTION: Apologies for an error in Ferry & Moorings article
16 November 2012

Carlos Yon, Top Shot: The Cable & Wireless sponsored team shoot took place at the Jamestown Rifle Club on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th. Highest score of the competition was returned by Carlos Yon.
16 November 2012

Student Nurse of the year awarded: Sue-Ellen Henry was presented with the Jean Beadon Student of the year award cup at the hospital on Wednesday 14 November.
15 November 2012

Zodiacs start season with a win: Levelwood Rebels made their first ever appearance against seasoned campaigners Jamestown Zodiacs in Saturdays second fixture.
13 November 2012

Remembrance Sunday: Over 300 people, including HE Governor Capes, uniformed contingents, SHG directors and Legislative Councillors attened a service of memorial on remembrance Sunday at the Cenotaph in Jamestown.
11 November 2012

New Director of Tourism: Cathy Alberts from Cape Town Tourism has been appointed as St Helena's new Director of Tourism.  Cathy boasts 25 years in the tourist industry...
8 November 2012

The Little Master: Levelwood All Stars begin their title defence with a 38 run victory in the opening weekend of cricket matches
7 November 2012

SHG Housing Professional: Arriving on 13 November 2012 will be Andy Crowe, new Housing Executive for SHG, to improve the way Government Landlord Housing and Chief Secretary Houses are managed and set in train the development of 350 new homes.
6 November 2012

Guy Fawkes Night: A family night was held on 5 November at the Godfather's Rock Club. A bonfire and firework display drew many people to attend.
6 November 2012

RMS Golf Cup: The RMS St Helena Annual Golf Centenary Cup was played over 36 holes. This was a stroke play competition with players having their full handicap.
4 November 2012

Voting Age Stays at 18: The voting age will remain at 18 after 50.4% of forms completed revealed the public wished to see things remain the same. However, 76.8% of participants favoured a single constituency
3 November 2012

Containers Delayed: Gale force winds in Cape Town have prevented the transhipment containers for St Helena being able to connect with the RMS St Helena. Andrew Weir Shipping announced the news on Friday
3 November 2012

Books donation: Prince Andrew School library were donated books worth £1,000
1 November 2012


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