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September 2012 News Archive
Basil Read excavator pulls over electricity pole on Deadwood Plain, St Helena in early September 2012
In early September the Basil Read excavator pulled over an electricity pole on Deadwood Plain



Football Champions 2012, Rovers: Nearly 5 months since the opening game, the 2012 St Helena football league came to an end on Saturday 29 September with Rovers retaining their title, finishing with 37 points from a possible 42, having scored 39 goals and conceded only 7.
29 September 2012

World Heart Day: Samantha Thomas is St Helena's sole cardiac nurse.  I wondered if heart disease was a problem for the island.  "It is a problem on the island and worldwide, just like cancer," replied Samantha.
28 September 2012

World Tourism Day. The theme for this year is Sustainable Energy: Powering Sustainable Development. To celebrate the day, the Tourist Office has organised a variety of activities.
27 September 2012

Increase in Airbridge Seats: More seats for flights between Ascension and Brize Norton.
27 September 2012

Football, Harts vs Rovers: With just 2 games of the league season remaining Harts inflicted the first defeat on reigning champions, Rovers, beating them 1-0 in Saturday’s early fixture.
22 September 2012

Blue Hill Skittles: The community atmosphere was alive and buzzing, not only from the players but from those participating on the benches, Charlie Young and Pat Lebreton have been coming to the matches out at Blue Hill for well over three years...
20 September 2012

SHAPE Craft Day: SHAPE are preparing for a Craft Day at their centre in Sandy Bay.
19 September 2012

Skittles: Punishers beat Lucky Shots in an exciting night of skittles at Blue Hill
19 September 2012

Recycle Exhibition: On Saturday evening, 15 September, more than 50 invited guests celebrated the launch of an exhibition, ‘The Art of Recycle,’ at Terminal 1 (New Porteous House) in Jamestown.
15 September 2012

Formal LegCo: Another formal sitting of Legislative Council (LEGCO). All elected members, (minus the honourable Anthony Green who is currently attending overseas conferences in Sri Lanka and Greenland) the acting Chief Secretary, Mrs Gillian Francis, the Financial Secretary, Colin Owen and Attorney General, Ken Badon, were present.
13 September 2012

St John’s Vestry: at the top of Jamestown has been quietly undergoing interior refurbishment works.  The red stone structure is a listed building and the National Trust has been contracted by the Ladies Orchestra to realise their vision of having a place to practice and hold recitals.
12 September 2012

Airport Project: Report from Prosperous Bay Plain where activity is on the increase.
12 September 2012

SHG Press Release - Police Safety Training: After three weeks of successful training, 35 operational staff from the St Helena Police and Prison Service are now accredited in up-to-date personal safety procedures.
12 September 2012

Water Contamination in Ruperts: The boil or sterilise advice from the Health & Social Welfare Directorate remains in place for water consumers at Ruperts Valley, 4 days after being announced.
10 September 2012

Football: Harts recorded a 3-0 win against their St Pauls rivals, Fugees. The game began with both teams showing too much respect to the other, almost more afraid of conceding a goal rather than scoring.
8 September 2012

St Helena Watch Day: To celebrate, the Saint Helena National Trust will be promoting educational activities to learn about the island’s historic buildings, forts and shipwrecks and their importance to the rest of the world.
7 September 2012

Smoking in Prison: On Tuesday 4 September, 4 papers were considered by Executive council. One of these papers called for Her Majesty’s Prison to be granted an exemption from the Tobacco Control Ordinance 2011.
6 September 2012

Accident on Deadwood Plain: On 3rd September the majority of the island experienced a power failure that lasted approximately two hours in most areas. The incident was caused by the Basil Read 70 tonne excavator pulling over an electricity pole.
4 September 2012

Library Activity Day: Thursday 30 August, the Public Library hosted an activity day for children.  Normal quiet was replaced with the hum of approximately 20 children doing craft.
3 September 2012

Football: Crystal Rangers and Bellboys both played the majority of this game with just 10 men each players failed to show for the start at 1.30pm.
1 September 2012



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