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May 2012 News Archive
SHBC St Helena news archive for May 2012
Police officers look on as passengers from cruise ship Athena leave.



Sandy Bay Clinic Closes: 50 residents at a constituency meeting failed in their bid to keep Sandy Bay clinic open. Governor Mark Capes was in attendance along with councillors.
29 May 2012

Longwood fete: The annual Whit Monday fete was held at St Mark's Hall, Longwood.
28 May 2012

Football - Harts vs Rovers: The much anticipated top of the table clash finished Harts 0, Rovers 2, with goals from Ross O'Dean and Rico Benjamin sealing the win.
27 May 2012

Africa Day on St Helena: A celebration of food, music and dancing marked Africa Day 2012, with special event arranged at the Pink Flamingo and Donny's.
26 May 2012

Big Schools Concert: 500 invited guests enjoyed a musical performance at PAS by the four different schools on the island.
26 May 2012

New ECG machine for hospital: Following fundraising activities, the St Helena Fire Service on Friday donated a brand new ECG machine to the General Hospital.
25 May 2012

Public Smoking Restrictions for St Helena: The new Tobacco Control Ordinance, will prohibit smoking in public premises, public places, and public vehicles.
25 May 2012

Maths Teacher shortage: As Prince Andrew School students prepare to sit GCSE exams, the maths department's only dedicated teacher has been off ill for over 2 weeks.
24 May 2012

St Helena Day: 510 years since the island was discovered on 21 May, the event was marked with celebrations held on the sea front in Jamestown.
21 May 2012

Football - Rovers vs Raiders: Goals from Andrew Yon, Ross O'Dean and Clayton Benjamin secured the win for Rovers, with the only reply from Raiders by Phillip Isaac.
20 May 2012

Miss St Helena 2012: A full house at the Consulate Hotel watched as 19 year old Leoni Ellick won the Miss St Helena crown. There were nine young ladies in the contest.
19 May 2012

Football - Scouts vs Crystal Rangers: Scouts recorded their first win and registered their first points of the new season with a1-0 win against Crystal Rangers on Saturday 19 May.
19 May 2012

New Tourism Manager: Merrill Joshua, formerly Assistant Purser on the RMS St Helena, has been appointed the new Tourism Manager and has been in post for two weeks.
17 May 2012

Europa at St Helena again: The Europa has been anchored in James Bay since 15 May and left at 2 pm on 17 May for the Azores.
17 May 2012

SHELCO at St Pauls Primary: Jeremy Blake and Linda Houston of SHELCO visited St Paul's primary school to give a presentation on their development at Broad Bottom.
16 May 2012

By Election Nominees: On 16 May nominations for the West's By Election came to a close at 1pm. Gillian Francis, Returning Officer, announced in council chambers the three candidates who are running.
16 May 2012

Wirebirds vs Scouts: Leroy Fowler became top scorer in the early stages of the new season, firing in his 3rd goal in 2 games for Wirebirds.
13 May 2012

Council member to attend Jubilee celebrations: Councillor Tara Thomas will be on leave in UK at the time of the Queen's Jubilee celebrations, so will attend on our behalf.
12 May 2012

Harts vs Raiders: Second week of the season an already some great games. Harts and Raiders met on Francis Plain for a keenly contested league match that produced 3 goals.
12 May 2012

Happy Homecoming: After winning 4 of out 8 games in their first ever international competition, the St Helena Cricket team returned home to a joyful welcome.
12 May 2012

Surveying the Darkdale: A team of six are on the island for 2 weeks, anchored above Darkdale to survey the wreck to determine the possibility of a serious oil spill.
9 May 2012

Fuel Supplies for the Island: St Helena's fuel stocks were replenished when the tanker Jo Acer dropped anchor in Ruperts Bay, 3 months since her last visit.
8 May 2012

Cruise Ship Visit: The final cruise ship the season to call at St Helena, MV Athena, made a successful visit. Passengers enjoyed island tours in bright sunshine.
7 May 2012

Napoleon remembered: A Moment de Memoire was held for only the second time on St Helena, to commemorate the death of Napoleon, in 1821.
5 May 2012

Football: The new football season began on 5 May. Last years league winners began with a game against Fugees.
5 May 2012

Honeymoon Chair: Following the ANRD operation that led to the collapse of the Honeymoon Chair on the wharf, an update of the situation 1 week on.
3 Mayl 2012



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