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26 January 2017

Sailing In Two By Two

World Arc Rally Calls at St Helena

World Arc Rally comes to St Helena
Yachts in James Bay

Simon Benjamin, SAMS

A fleet of yachts have been trickling in and out of James' Bay over the past week.  These ranged from moderate sized mono hulls to larger luxurious Catamarans.  They are all part of a biennial event - the World ARC Rally.

This year saw 16 vessels take part.  First to arrive to the island were Resolute 2 and Mearra Nieida on the 17 January. The St Helena Yacht Club hosted a variety of events over the week to entertain and welcome the competitors.  Amphibians were also available at the Yacht Club should the thirsty sailors require a drink.

The rally circumnavigates the globe, covering 26,000 nautical miles.  There are two main legs of the journey and participants either join in St Lucia or Australia.  St Helena is included in the second leg.

From here the group will sail 1900 nautical miles across the South Atlantic to Salvador in Brazil, before sailing through the Caribbean to the finish point in St Lucia.
















































































































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