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29 December 2012
New Horizons fund raiser on Francis Plain
Grease movie fund raiser by New Horizons on Francis Plain
'Pink Ladies' and 'T Birds' on Francis Plain

Sharon Henry, SHBC

Francis Plain was transformed to an open air theatre last night to host the New Horizon’s fund raising event, the showing of the movie classic ‘Grease’. 

A makeshift screen was erected above the goal post on the Flagstaff end of the football field and chairs and picnic tables were set out for the audience.  There were stalls of food, candy and drinks and gangs of Pink Ladies and T-Birds made an appearance.   The event started at 4pm.

Organiser Debbie Wahle said: “It’s a really, really exciting day for New Horizons. I know everyone’s tired after Christmas and having all the fun, but this is such a lovely, lovely event and I think you’ll agree that they’ve made a huge effort. The youngsters from New Horizons are in wonderful gingham costumes and they’re walking around with usherette trays and asking people if they want soft drinks and cake and plo.

"What will happen is, we’ll put the movie on about 7.15; it’s going to be a sing-a-long movie. When that finishes we’ve had, very kindly, several donations, including a large donation from Basil Read to put fireworks on, and these will be set off from High Knoll Fort which will just give it that extra pizzazz for the evening which will be fantastic. It really makes it a big family event and that’s what we want for today.”

Although the evening was cloudy, there was a full moon and the rain kept away. People were treated to the fireworks display at twenty minutes past nine that lasted for half an hour.


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