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22 December 2012
Hernes arrive at St Helena
The Herne family arrive after sailing their yacht from Southampton
Herne family arrives on St Helena
Herne family finally ashore on St Helena

Damien O'Bey, SHBC

After an epic journey that lasted a little over five months, beginning in Southampton on 2 August 2012, the Herne family (James, Hannah, Josh, Sadie and Jacob) moored their yacht 'Carpe Diem' in James Bay at 11am on Saturday 22 December 2012.  Having been met by James' brother Johnny Herne who skippers 'The Gannet Three', Carpe Diem was escorted to the moorings by boat 'Sea Horse' filled with people out on a dolphin trip.

"It's been a long time at sea and it's great to be home," said James.  "Home sweet home, there's nothing better than home."  Family of 3 in tow James and Hannah made the way to customs and immigration.  What were they looking forward too?  "I'm very glad to be here," said Hannah.  "I think we're all very relieved to be able to spread out wings a bit.  We've talked a lot about having a nice cold 'Savannah' at Donny's," "and a nice burger," added James.  Their eldest son Josh revealed.  "It's nothing like I expected but it's like a dream come true really.  I'm looking forward to swimming and going to school here."

The family have arrived just in time for Christmas.  The concluding part of the Herne's story will feature in The Sentinel on 3 January 2013.



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