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18 December 2012
SHAPE coffee morning
The event was well attended and supported by the public.
St Helena SHAPE coffee morning

Chloe Terry, SHBC

On Monday 17 December, SHAPE held a coffee morning at the Mule Yard. The event, starting at 10.30am, drew a good turnout from the public. The visitors were welcomed with tea, coffee and a plate of eats for £2. Various activities kept everybody busy, such as bingo, raffle and a SHAPE stall which sold soaps, candles and Christmas gift sets.

Around one of the tables sat a group of women who were happily enjoying the day. Joan Phillips, Jeanette Henry, Joyce Buckley, Sheena Williams, Veronica Reynolds, Rose Phillips and June Andrews are usual supporters of SHAPE. Joan Phillips stated why they attended, “We came to support SHAPE because we always do and I think this a good thing to do to help the disabled. We love playing bingo and we love buying raffle tickets and hope that we will be lucky. I don’t think we have missed an event.”

Lolly Young, Chairwoman of SHAPE, had organised the raffles and the prizes.  “We’ve been running this raffle for a few months,” said Lolly, “and it’s actually stuff that’s been donated and the main prize is a bag that is made out of flax made by Veranoa, the flax lady, so she made that bag for us to raffle but we’ve already made some more to sell, and we’ve got a nice toasted sandwich maker and a coffee cup set and then another lady donated this really nice table cloth which she made for Christmas so that’s quite a nice raffle.” Another raffle was sold on the day, giving everybody the chance to win a prize.  She commented on the turnout at the coffee morning, “It’s quite good, except at SHAPE it’s always quite hectic, getting the clients in, getting ourselves organised and then we had problems with water and electricity but I think everybody is looking out for us quite happy, so yes it’s quite a good turnout.”

Julie George, Creative Trainer, was at the SHAPE stall selling a variety of SHAPE products, “We have quite a big selection of our newly organic soaps. We’ve tried to adapt to selling organic soaps as you weigh it so we selling it like 10p for 10g. Today we have cucumber and mint and papaya, lime and pineapple which are two of our most popular fragrances of organic soap that we just recently started to sell... A lot of it has been sold today within the first couple of minutes of people coming over to look so we’re doing quite well at the moment.” She agreed that the turnout was “pleasing. I think the day was aimed at a lot of the older folk who probably would have the time, not at work at the moment, because it’s a coffee morning so they really enjoy this kind of thing. It’s nice to see a lot of people have actually brought their kiddies along as well so I suppose it is nice to have it in the Mule Yard and have kiddies be able to go and play, and it’s a really nice day so just hope that everybody enjoys themselves.”  Speaking about how the year has been for SHAPE in general she commented, “Well I only joined SHAPE in April but since I’ve been there it’s been nonstop the whole 9 months, I just think SHAPE is going from strength to strength and if we continue to work as a team and the public continue to support us like they have, which I’d like to say I’m really overcome by the amount of help and support that you get from the public sometimes so I think it will only get better and bigger.”

Woody Stevens, Recycling Trainer, also remarked on the progress SHAPE has made in the last year, “I think we’ve progressed quite well, it’s every year we seem to be raising a bit more money and getting a bit more people involved and it’s growing slowly, but you see the difference every year.”

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