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17 December 2012
Let the People Sing
Gettogethers Orchestra's annual Christmas singing event
Megan Peters, guest singer with the Gettogethers Orchestra on St Helena
Megan Peters, a guest singer with the Gettogethers Orchestra

Sharon Henry, SHBC

The Gettogethers Orchestra, along with members from the Salvation Army band, hosted their annual Christmas event, ‘Let the People Sing.’

Held at the Consulate Hotel, this festive sing-a-long began 38 years ago, and invites the audience to join in singing popular Christmas carols as well as stepping forward themselves for an impromptu turn on the microphone with the novelty of a an orchestral accompaniment.
Bandmaster, Eric Benjamin, welcomed everyone before introducing each of the well known songs and carols as well as guest singers and musicians. Joining the orchestra for the evening was new recruit, Wendy Benjamin playing saxophone, and Travis Tingler (on holiday) also on saxophone.

Gettogethers Orchestra at their 'Let the People Sing' annual Christams event
The Gettogethers Orchestra

Guest singers included Noleen Stevens, Wendy Benjamin, Elaine Benjamin, Megan Peters and Colin Peters. Brian Yon entertained everyone with a saxophone solo.

Entry for the night was free although a collection was taken at the end.

Eric also invited anyone interested in learning to play an instrument or joining the Gettogethers to let him know as their numbers have been falling in recent years.

Approximately 150 people enjoyed the event.



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