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13 December 2012
Festival of Lights
Jamestown's streets were lit with vibrant lights on Wednesday night
St Helena Festival of Lights Parade
Khristian Johns and his brother Mike Bone in the Festival of Lights Parade

Chloe Terry, SHBC

Jamestown’s streets were vibrantly lit on Wednesday evening, 12 December as the Festival of Lights Parade, organised by Pilling Primary School cheerleaders, made its way past hundreds of onlookers in Main Street.  The gathering made their way from the Hospital into lower Jamestown with a number of vehicles taking part with Christmas lights and flashing accessories attached, playing music for the dancers to jive to. Many of the participants wore flashing headbands, lit up belts and held flashing toys. The procession made its way to the Grand Parade where many people gathered in front of St James Church to watch and listen to children sing Christmas songs and hymns. A star was then mounted on the tower of St James church and was lit for the first time.

St Helena Festival of lights
The parade making their way into lower Jamestown

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