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11 December 2012
RMS brings passengers and sunshine
An early morning arrival from Ascension Island brought home smiling faces
St Helena RMS Arrivals
The excited crowd at the wharf awaiting the arrival of family and friends

Chloe Terry, SHBC

The RMS St Helena arrived in James Bay on Tuesday 11 December at 6:18am. This early morning voyage brought back 138 passengers and 57 crew from Ascension Island, as well as warm and beautiful sunshine. The 80 tonnes of cargo that was carried over from the previous voyage from Cape Town was also off loaded.

The RMS was scheduled to depart the same day at 3pm with 33 passengers for Ascension. As the RMS is back on schedule from today (Tuesday 11 December), she is expected to arrive at Ascension Island at 12 noon on Thursday 13 December. She will then depart Ascension on the same day at 7pm and will arrive back to St Helena on Sunday 16 December at 6am.

There was an excited crowd waiting to welcome the new comers. The new customs passenger terminal is not yet operational and works remain in progress to the road and pavements in the area. Passengers disembarking were directed through a cordoned area through the road works.

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