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7 December 2012
86 Containers on RMS Voyage 183
1031.8 tonnes of cargo from Cape Town to St Helena
St Helena RMS containers
A heavily laden RMS arrives on Tuesday 4 December from Cape Town

Damien O'Bey, SHBC

Voyage 183 of the RMS St Helena, saw the vessel transport a total of 86 containers from Cape Town, South Africa to St Helena. 

Although this is not the highest number of containers ever carried by the RMS it is still a significant number.  Of the 86 containers, 11 are reefers, (refrigerated containers) 1 is filled with passengers baggage and the remaining 74 are carrying general cargo.  Containers included, the combined weight of the cargo onboard equates to 1031.8 tonnes, of which 173.1 tonne is break bulk.

With Christmas approaching the Island's population will also swell for the period.  116 Passengers arrived on Tuesday with only 22 expected to depart today Thursday.

How will the increases in both passengers and cargo affect Port Authorities on the Island?  Shipping manager Kerry Yon informed, "The majority of the cargo will be in containers, which are relatively easy to manage and a lot easier to handle than break bulk cargo, so we, the shipping department don't envisage encountering any problems whilst offloading the ship."

Lionel Joshua, Customs Manager, is a long serving employee of HM Customs and Revenue Directorate.  "This is not the first time we've had a high number of containers being offloaded, informed Lionel.  "We've seen higher numbers of containers shipped here before now.  I cannot foresee any problems for the Customs side of operations."


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