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30 November 2012
Literacy Awareness Day
St Pauls Primary School pupils dressed up as movie stars and book characters for Literacy Awareness Day.
St Helena Literacy Awareness Day

Kimberley Yon-Roberts, SHBC

Today, young individuals who are literate are able to access critical information to aid their health, situation, and education, to further themselves in order to enter the working world confidently and equipped. 

At St. Pauls Primary School on the 23 November, a Literacy Awareness Day was held.  Class Teacher, Sherell Thomas explained the day was “to show children a different style of learning.  Today it won’t be lots of writing, it will be more using the internet to research information, on lots of different activities associated to a particular theme.” 

Beginning the day, an assembly was held in the hall, pupils had the choice to participate in dressing up like a book character or a movie star.  Many took to the stage in their story inspired outfits, lining up side by side, there were Bob the Builders, a rock star and a winning tiger in the Nursery class.  Each year group had to explain their outfits and twirl around for the judges. Prizes were given to the best dressed which included Princess Jasmine from the Disney film ‘Aladdin’, little red riding hood and Batman. 

Sherell remarked, “The reason why I organised today is everybody has responsibilities in different departments and mine is English so I thought why not do a Literacy Awareness Day ... literacy is very important.”  In the future Sherell suggested an upcoming science fair and a maths awareness day to be held at St. Pauls Primary.


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