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28 November 2012
Power Station back online early
A week ahead of schedule, the Power Station is back online
St Helena Power Station back online


Since 23 August, the island has been running on a temporary generator whilst the Power Station underwent major upgrades, including the installation of new generators. On Sunday 25 November, a week ahead of schedule, the Energy Division successfully brought the Power Station back online. Head of Energy, Barry Hubbard answered some questions about the changeover.

You brought the Power Station back online on Sunday 25th November.  How does this date compare with the date originally planned?

We had planned for the end of the month but wanted to do the switch over during the early hours of a Sunday morning so as to minimise any inconvenience to consumers. Effectively it is a week ahead of the plan and gives additional time for familiarisation before the bulk of the Barloworld team leave on the 16th December.  Although the Power Station is back on line there is still work going on to get the generator that was running the island inside the building and wired up.  There are performance trials to do that need to be conducted (and passed) before payments are made and more work on the SCADA system that replaces the switches, buttons and dials with a computer screen.  So although the Power Station is back on line there is still a few months of work and a formal handover to complete.

What works were involved in bringing the Station back online?  Did everything go to plan?

Yes all went to plan, we wanted some natural light and thought 8am was going to be a bit of a push but most of the island was back on by 7:30, there was a bit of work to do to separate Feeders 4 & 5 but they came on soon after.  The main task was disconnecting the temporary generator and reconnecting the Power Station cables.  It’s not quite as easy as that although that is essentially the bones of the job.  Feeders were separated again and during the day once the Power Station was running the temporary generator once cooled down was stripped down and is on its way indoors to join the rest.

The full interview will be published in this week's Sentinel.


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