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22 November 2012
Baby News
Gemma Andrews and Meshara Yon are made proud parents of a baby boy.
St Helena baby

Sharon Henry, SHBC

Matt Nysie Yon was born on Friday 9 November at 5.50pm with jet black hair and startling blue eyes.  He weighed 7lb and 15oz, measured 45cm in length and had a 36cm head circumference. 

First time parents Gemma Andrews and Meshara Yon of the Briars are delighted with their little boy and look forward to parenthood as he grows and develops.  They would like to say thank you to Midwife Rosie Mittens and Wendy Henry, Acute Community Health Manger, for the safe delivery of their son.  Thanks goes to midwives Shirley Anderson for her help during the day, Erika Benjamin for her help and support throughout the night and to all the hospital staff before and after pregnancy.  Also thank you to all who gave cards and gifts and made a million phone calls after Matt's arrival.

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