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19 November 2012
Director Infrastructure & Utilities released
SHG Restructuring sees Director post disappear
SHG The Castle St Helena Island
St Helena Government Office, The Castle, Jamestown


The signing of the airport contract in November last year represents a game-changing moment for St Helena and signalled a major transformation for the Island.  Both the public and private sectors are adapting to the opportunities and challenges this presents, within the overall theme of economic growth and raised productivity and increased efficiency in the public sector.

As part of its drive to make better use of limited funds, St Helena Government is modernising and restructuring to strengthen lines of accountability within Government, and more clearly link policy with political oversight, programme delivery and value for money.

The full range of Government functions is being reviewed, including strengthening the delivery of functions such as Corporate Services, and creating a new Directorate of Physical Environment to include services such as lands, buildings, transport, infrastructure and the environment.  As part of the latter, the post of Director of Infrastructure and Utilities disappears and, as a result, the current Director, David Thomson, has been released from his contract, with effect from Friday 16 November 2012.

Once the restructuring process is complete, the new SHG structure will be published on our website.

19 November 2012


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