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15 November 2012
Student Nurse of the Year Awarded
Sue-Ellen Henry was presented with the Jean Beadon Student of the year award cup.
St Helena Sue Ellen Henry nurse of year

Darrin Henry, SHBC

At the School of Nursing Awards, held at the hospital yesterday, Sue Ellen Henry was presented with the Jean Beadon Student of the Year Award Cup. The award recognises the student who made the most, all round progress in their training. Sue Ellen top scored with 90/100, followed by fellow nursing students Samara Henry (82) and Latoya Williams (71).

Sue Ellen began studying to become a nurse in September 2009, her course will finish next month. “The course covers theory and practical, and all different clinical areas, so we go to the CCC, Barn View and the hospital,” said Sue Ellen. “The biggest challenge for me over the last 3 years has been getting over my shyness. It has been a challenging experience, but enjoyable. Everyone is very supportive.”

A new presentation, Mentor of the Year Awards, went to Miss Shirley Anderson, Miss Rosemary Mittens and Mrs Samantha Thomas.
Rosemary spoke about some the challenges the student nurses would have faced. “Things like emergencies, ambulance calls, CPR; these things are quite challenging.  Especially getting involved. They learn about them [in class] but getting involved and being able do these things is different.  They have responded really well, I think, with the training and teaching that Wendy Herne (Nurse Teacher) does.”

Miss Cherrilee Thomas and Mr Karl Martin received Certificates of Achievement for Mentorship.
The awards were presented by Director of Health & Social Welfare, Mrs Carol George.


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