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08 November 2012
New Director of Tourism Appointed
Cathy Alberts has been appointed as St Helena's new Director of Tourism.
St Helena Cathy Alberts
Cathy Alberts and Merrill Joshua

Sharon Henry, SHBC

Cathy Alberts from Cape Town Tourism has been appointed as St Helena's new Director of Tourism.  Cathy boasts 25 years in the tourist industry and has experience in developing destination and tourism products.  She took the post on 1 November and will be travelling to St Helena at the end of the year.  Cathy visited St Helena in May to 'observe and consult' on St Helena's tourism offering.  Although it was a first time visit, Cathy has been involved with St Helena for the past ten years through her work as Andrew Weir Shipping's marketing manager.

SHBC spoke to her during that visit [issue 9, 24/5/12], "Your biggest asset is the people.  You find beautiful spots throughout the world but you only find Saints on St Helena."  We asked how she saw St Helena's future after the airport.  "I would see it as desired and a destination of dreams and choice for discerning travellers.  Those guys that have been around and seen quite a number of things, this must be on their bucket list," she enthused.  "Because its unique, you don’t find what you have here anywhere else.  You're got a hell of a rich history and the culture here is unique.  You’ve got a lot of colonialism but you’ve changed that to what you as Saints embrace and what you are all about.  We also have colonialism in Cape Town and it's totally different to what you have here.  Your quality of life, people don’t realise.  I’m used to driving down a road and seeing 5-6 people begging.  If I try and do my shopping I’ve got five people fighting with one another to push my trolley, although I’m totally capable of pushing my trolley myself.  If I want to park I’ve got a guy that doesn’t necessarily have a licence, telling me how to park.  Those things you don’t see here."

Merrill Joshua, Tourism Manager worked with Cathy during her island visit and on his three week business trip to Cape Town in August.  "I'm definitely looking forward to working with Cathy," said Merrill.  "I think she is going to be dynamic.  She's been in this area once before gearing up for the World Cup in Cape Town which was probably the biggest international event Cape Town has seen and it's only fitting that she is here for the work leading up to the airport and thereafter."

Cathy and her team has the monumental task to increase tourism, raise awareness and island standards, steering St Helena in the right direction in the 39 months lead up to the airport opening in February 2016.  Mike Dean the outgoing Tourism Development Executive is scheduled to leave St Helena on 21 November.


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