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06 November 2012
Remember, remember...
A bonfire and firework display drew people to the Godfather's Rock Club on the 5th of November.
St Helena Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night

Chloe Terry, SHBC

On Monday night the Godfather’s Rock Club held a family night out for Bonfire Night. The area around the Rock Club was packed with cars and the night drew a good turnout of approximately 200 people. An enjoyable atmosphere was shared, whilst Justin Cranfield provided a pleasant selection of music. The Guy Fawkes competition only attracted two contestants and the judges and host Jeremy Johns gave equal prizes to the competitors. The Guy Fawkes were then taken over to the pile of debris where the bonfire was to be a lit and it was announced that after the lighting of the bonfire a firework display would be demonstrated. The crowd gathered outside and watched as the fire grew in size and heat.

All eyes were then lured towards the sky where an array of fireworks showered the night. After the display a few people left, whilst a few lingered to watch the bonfire slowly die out.


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