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25 October 2012

Swimming Pool Reopens

After several weeks of maintenance the swimming pool reopens.
St Helena Swimming pool reopens

Chloe Terry, SHBC

On Wednesday 17 October, the swimming pool reopened after undergoing 8 weeks of maintenance works. Some of the alterations that have been made include painted numbers in each of the pool lanes, a refreshed salmon pink and black colour scheme, new health and safety and no smoking signage around the pool and retouches in the changing rooms.

Charlie Herne, Pool Lifeguard, remarked on the reopening day, “considering it was a little bit cold in the water I did jump in yesterday. We had a few of our usual customers come in but it was quite a quiet day.”

It was hoped by the pool staff that they would reopen in mid-September, however Charlie commented, “as always there were a few problems, some equipment wise, some weather wise, we can’t really play with the weather especially during the winter period.”
A few touch ups were made to the changing rooms. Raymond Young, Lifeguard, stated, “we had to scrape all the walls because of the salt peter and then repaint the whole thing so that took a whole week at least.”

Some people may have noticed that the colour of the swimming pool water is slightly discoloured. Charlie explained that, “When we started off, the water had a large amount of algae in it as we filled it up. That’s the reason why people saw the water coming out really dark green or brown. Now we’ve put in algaecide and the algaecide is working and what’s happening now is the algaecide is turning the algae in the pool into sort of dust, just giving the water a slight discolouration but as time goes on and it will look like how it used to.”

Although the main swimming pool is reopened, the paddling pool remains closed until further notice, “We’re currently experiencing a few problems with the baby pool,” continued Charlie, “There’s a small leakage through one of the seams that we can’t locate at the moment, however we are taking care of the problem right now and also we had to replace two of the valves that goes into the baby pool and once all that is sorted we should have the baby pool up and running in no time.”

However when the paddling pool does reopen, the colourful and vibrant new paintings around the pool will certainly attract the youngsters!



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