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24 October 2012

Harvest Celebrations

The Primary Schools celebrate Harvest.
St Helena Primary Schools Harvest time

Kimberley Yon-Roberts, SHBC

“As summer turns to autumn, its Harvest time again.” A line which was spoken from a pupil in years five and six, performing in a Harvest themed assembly at St. Pauls Primary school on Friday 19 October. 

The Harvest festival is known to essentially celebrate the crops, fruit and vegetables that grow on the land.  Religiously, churches celebrate the day in September or October and the tradition dates back for thousands of years, giving thanks for a good Harvest. 
Elaine Benjamin, Headteacher of St. Pauls Primary School explained, “Harvest is actually a traditional thing that we do in schools around the island.  Generally every year we celebrate Harvest and it is a time when we reflect on the food that God has given us.  We think about the local produce, we think about farmers and our fishermen, who work on the land.  Quite appropriately, it ties in with the traditional industries campaign as well, as they are encouraging people to go into the primary industries.” Elaine remarked, because the school hall is very small, it could not accommodate, pupils, staff and parents.  So each class put on performances followed by a bring and share that parents could also take part in.  The classrooms were packed with parents supporting their children, watching the class presentations, taking pictures, interacting with other parents whilst being served nibbles by the pupils, highlighted the community spirit and the theme of the day.   

Speaking to a group of years three and four, one student Raeanne Thomas explained what her class had done moments before, “we had to sing a song, and Evan, Anika and Demi had to read a poem ... we are now having our bring and share.”  Asking the group if they knew anything about the Harvest festival, amongst the nervous giggles, Demi O’Bey explained, “we bring fruits and vegetables in and we put them on the table ... the student council goes down to the Community Care Complex and around the island and give out fruits and vegetables.” Demi remarked that all the fruit and vegetables brought in by students are labelled to identify which hamper goes to whom.  Demi’s hamper was going off to a resident at the Community Care Complex. 

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