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17 October 2012

New 15 channel TV Service

Cable and Wireless will be launching the new TV service next week.
St Helena Cable and Wireless Set top box
Cable and Wireless set top box

Chloe Terry, SHBC

Cable and Wireless (C&W) South Atlantic Limited announced this week that they will be launching their New Digital Television Rebroadcast Service, commencing on Monday 22 October. Anne Dillon, Retail Marketing and Customer Services Manager for C&W, informed that due to technical reasons the roll out phase will start in “the Levelwood district and then we will move onto the other districts thereafter but we will keep customers abreast via the local media and our television service.”

Customers in Levelwood are receiving letters which include an acceptance form with two options:  for clients to install their own set top box following C&W instructions or to obtain the technical assistance from the support team. “The plug and play option is basically customers disconnecting their decoder making a few adjustments and installing their set top box,” continued Anne. “The advantage of that is that they get the privilege of seeing our 15 channels instantly, because of course from a practical point of view the technical support teams will take quite a bit of time to get around to each customer.”

The set top boxes will be issued from their customer care centre in Bishop’s Room and the public will be advised when the boxes can be collected. The current TV service will be discontinued “as soon as we roll out the new television system in each district then we will discontinue the current analogue system within that district,” stated Anne.

The new TV service is a big improvement to the existing 3 channel TV service, however Anne commented, “This is just the start. We will constantly work with our service provider to see what improvements we can make to the existing service.”

Already there is a waiting list for the new service, “we will be working with our existing customers first and then on completion we will be in contact with customers who are on our waiting list.”

Anne remarked, “We are all extremely excited and delighted than we can actually now launch the television system. Obviously there is a lot of hard work going on in the background from all departments but we are extremely delighted that we can now roll out the new digital television system.”



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