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12 October 2012

Busy Hands Night

The Busy Hands event was held at the Guide Hall on Tuesday evening.
St Helena Busy Hands event

Sharon Henry, SHBC

Approximately twenty two women and two young girls took the challenge of keeping their hands busy at the Guide Hall on Tuesday evening.  Organised by the Women's Corona Society, the event started at 6.30 pm and participants were given the challenge of keeping their hands busy for either an hour or two hours.

This event first began in 1999 and on the first occasion raised funds of £516.  The event also took place in 2001 and 2003.  From these occasion over £1,000 has been raised for the society.  President of the society, Patsy Flagg, kept her hands busy by counting donations but took some time out to chat to the Sentinel.  "We've had a long break and members urged me to have another one," commented Patsy.  With members help and people going out with their forms to get people to give towards it, I think we will make a good penny."  Unfortunately she was unable to reveal the amount raised but told me that this time around people were asked to donate for participation rather than sponsoring the event.

"The activities ranged from people knitting," said Patsy, "somebody has a huge rug which they're making and you might like to have a look at that. I think there's some crocheting, there's letter writing, people are doing their Christmas cards, some are sorting photographs."

Patsy also told the Sentinel about the Guides involvement.  "We are using the Guide Hall and the guides we're keen to join in.  I came here early this afternoon and they used their normal guide meeting time to do various activities. I think their running a culture evening or a culture day later on.  They had actually received donors and gave a donation to us as well.  They did an hour of that."

Among the busy hands was Danielle Harris who busied herself crocheting a necklace.  We asked how long she had be going for?  "For about an hour," she shyly responded and nodded enthusiastically when asked if she could go on for two.



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