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4 October 2012

By Election Announcement

Nominations for East by-election close.

Chloe Terry, SHBC

At 12 noon on Wednesday 3 October, the nominations for the by-election for the east electoral area closed. Gillian Francis, Returning Officer, announced the nominations at the Castle at 1.05pm.

The Elections Regulations 2009 states that during the period of one hour after the close of nominations, the Returning Officer shall permit the candidates and their sponsors to examine the nominations received for the constituency concerned.

The nominees are as follows:

Eric Walter George of Palm Cottage, Jamestown, sponsored by Stedson Robert George of Utopia, Two Gun Saddle, Alarm Forest and John Federick Joshua of Market Street Jamestown.

Christine Lillian Scipio-O’Dean of Blackfield, Longwood, sponsored by Ivan Cole Gough of Near Captain Right’s turning, Alarm Forest and Carol Jane Yon-nee Benjamin of Rupert’s Valley, Jamestown

Lionel George Williams of Near Half Tree Hollow, St Pauls, sponsored by Eric William Benjamin of Market Street Jamestown and Eric Charles Thomas of Near Forester’s Hall, Jamestown.

Williams and George have previously been councillors  and ran in the first by-election of this year. Scipio-O’Dean is running for the first time and if elected will be the second female member of council.

Polling Day is scheduled for Wednesday 17 October and stations will be at Jamestown, Harford and Levelwood Community Centres and Judges Lodge, Alarm Forest.


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