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27 September 2012

World Tourism Day

St Helena World Tourism Day
Simon Green with his energy saving solar panel

Chloe Terry, SHBC

Today is World Tourism Day. The theme for this year is Sustainable Energy: Powering Sustainable Development. To celebrate the day, the Tourist Office has organised a variety of activities.

Christina Stroud, Product Development and Administration Executive for the Tourism Office, is organising the day. To coincide with the theme of sustainable energy, the activities planned revolve around businesses, non-profit organisations and consumers who have taken a lead or interest in developing greener and energy efficient projects or lifestyles. Christina explained the events for the day, “We are going to have Simon Green who is better known as Bubbles, and he’s going to be at the Tourist Office between 2pm-4pm, demonstrating how people can save money and energy by using energy saving bulbs compared to ordinary bulbs. He is also going to show us a few projects that he has done at home regarding sustainable energy and it’s going to be really interesting, so I would like to encourage people to stop by and have a discussion with him and just get a background on what he does. SHAPE is also having an exhibition on the Art of Recycling, showing how they make soaps, candles etc. They will be at Porteous House between 9am and 5pm. We’ve also encouraged people to arrange a visit with Michael Newpence because he has business in recycling glass” at Ruperts.

At the Tourist Office, there will be displays showing how future tourism developments will promote green energy. Christina stated, “We’re going to have a display on some of the things that will be happening, for example SHELCO is going to be the greenest hotel so we’re going to have information on that and also general information to show people how they can be more energy efficient.”

Some other departments and businesses on island have already made a start on working towards sustainable energy. The photovoltaic solar panels on the Energy Division buildings in Jamestown and the wind turbine project on Deadwood Plain, shows that the island is looking into renewable energy production options. Christina commented, “There are businesses that are now selling solar energy panels, so there is a start being made and we hope that in the future it will develop and we will be contributing to a greener environment.” Martin Squibbs, Acting Head of Energy also stated that in the pipeline of future developments, the Energy Division is looking into the use of OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) which will use the temperature difference in the sea surface and the much deeper sea body to generate electricity on island.

Christina hopes that Thursday’s events will give people a “better understanding of how they can be more energy efficient and letting them know what is going to be happening in the future in regards to Tourism and how we can all work together to contribute to being greener and more conservative of energy.”



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