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20 September 2012

Blue Hill Skittles

Punishers come out on top

Blue Hill Skittles, St Helena

Kimberly Roberts, SHBC

After the banter, shouts, laughs and cries a spare and a face.  The Punishers came out on top with a score of 308, over the Lucky Shots, 289.  The leg began with the skills of Damien Benjamin and Roxanne Fowler, from the Lucky Shots and Andy Timm and Peter Benjamin of the Punishers.  It was only Benjamin’s third match at Blue Hill, whose strategy is to simply go up and “hope for the best” which paid off as he accomplished a spare in the match and the highest score of 57. 

The community atmosphere was alive and buzzing, not only from the players but from those participating on the benches, Charlie Young and Pat Lebreton have been coming to the matches out at Blue Hill for well over three years and both make the journey from Jamestown, showing up even if they are not playing on the night.  Charlie Young said the skittles at Blue Hill allows him to have a break through the week and he thoroughly enjoys it. 

The second match commenced between the Movers & Shakers, whose highest scorer was Bessie Peters who threw a 59 against the opposing team.  George Richards threw an impressive 65 score for the Family Favourites; however the game ended with the Movers and Shakers victorious with a score of 306 over the Family Favourites score of 297.

It is certainly not all about skittles, but about being with friends and family; Roxanne Folwer began playing about three years ago and explained the reason she choose Blue Hill to play is to be close to family and friends, where they can all be in a team together. 






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