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19 September 2012


SHAPE are preparing for a Craft Day

SHAPE, St Helena
Danielle Henry of SHAPE

Sharon Henry, SHBC

The clients of SHAPE are preparing for a Craft Day that is planned for 27 October at their centre in Sandy Bay.  Wanda Isaac, a SHAPE volunteer has organised this event for the second year.  All proceeds raised on the day will go to SHAPE.  Other craft producers have been invited to sell their products and will donate a percentage of their sales.

Another fund raiser on the horizon is a ‘Fun Day’ on 25 November at KJ’s Pub Paradise Bar, Longwood.  Rosedale Andrews, Fibre Products Co-ordinator said, “KJ’s was well attended last year and we made over £700 in proceeds.  What the public don’t realise is that we only survive of what we make and from donations and fundraising.  It is really heart breaking when you are selling things to private shops and they want a 17% discount because we are a charitable organisation.  We are making a loss of over 50%.  When they are looking for 17% they are cutting a client out.  I wish the people will see the craft for what it really is and that it is not something that is bought wholesale.”

Products include needle embroidery sewed on hessian with designs of dolphins, Jonathan the tortoise and Jamestown Harbour.  Some of these will be mounted in paper frames also made at SHAPE.  Christmas card production is underway embellished with glitter, Christmas trees and snowmen.  Other items are flax and aloe work, wool craft and recycled paper craft.  Rosedale told us of new lines, “There is a new range of soaps and soap products to look forward to and of course the candles [passion fruit smells gorgeous].  We will also have organic baby soaps coming.”  There is a flax craft worker visiting in October, “She going to teach us a different way of using flax and using the raw leaf to make baskets and other things.  We are broadening out in different things and there is always something new, a new idea,” smiled Rosedale.





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