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13 September 2012
Councillor Stedson Francis at formal Legislative Council on St Helena Island September 2012
Councillor Stedson Francis asking questions at LegCo (13 Sep 2012)

Damien O'Bey, SHBC

Thursday 13th, saw another formal sitting of Legislative Council (LEGCO). 

All elected members, (minus the honourable Anthony Green who is currently attending overseas conferences in Sri Lanka and Greenland) the acting Chief Secretary, Mrs Gillian Francis, the Financial Secretary, Colin Owen and Attorney General, Ken Badon, gathered with members of the public in the comfort of an air conditioned court room on the Grand Parade in Jamestown.

Following formalities and prayers the group presented 19 papers, asked 11 questions and put forward  8 motions for council approval.

In his absence Councillor Green was proposed, seconded and later confirmed as the new Chairperson of the Economy and Finance committee following his written request to be considered.

31 August saw the resignation of the islands youngest councillor Tara Thomas, leaving a vacant seat within executive council (EXCO).  The names of 3 members of LEGCO were proposed, 2 were seconded, and following a ballot, Madam Speaker Cathy Hopkins confirmed the Honourable Stedson Francis as the newest member of EXCO.

The group moved quickly through all 11 questions, and those asking the questions seemed content with the answers they were given.

The newest member of EXCO, Councillor Francis asked 3 questions,  most notably he asked the Chairman of Education and Employment Committee the position regarding Government’s proposal to introduce legislation for a minimum wage.  There was also a request from Councillor Raymond Williams for St Helena Government to consider trialling daylight saving time again.

Another point of interest were the resignations of Councillors Isaac and Francis from the Public Accounts Committee.  For more on the 1st sitting of the 14th meeting of LEGCO see a report in next week's edition of The Sentinel, out on 20 September 2012.

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