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12 September 2012
Police Training

Personal Safety Training for St.Helena Police Service

Police Trainer St Helena

SHG Press Release


After three weeks of successful training, 35 operational staff from the St Helena Police and Prison Service are now accredited in up-to-date personal safety procedures. These procedures are in line with the Association of Chief Police Officers, Manual of Guidance for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Financed by the Governor’s delegated fund, training was conducted by Sharon Graham, a Personal Safety Trainer from the Kent Police.

This is Sharon’s second visit to the Island, the first being in 2007 when she trained officers in aspects of personal safety including the use of handcuffs, batons, pava spraying, unarmed defence techniques, emergency response belts, fast straps etc.

Sharon’s visit this year was to re-accredit those Instructors who passed in 2007 - Deputy Superintendant of Gaols, Nicky Crowie, Detective Sergeant, Clarence Roberts and Deputy Chief of Police, Jeffrey Ellick. These instructors will be joined by Acting Sergeant, Robert Crowie who was accredited as an instructor during this round of training.  All Instructors are now better equipped to carry out regular training sessions with their policing personnel.

During her time here Sharon also trained other operational staff in updated techniques and procedures.

Deputy Chief of Police, Jeffrey Ellick reported:

“The training went really well and the updates on procedures, techniques and teaching practices now mean that we are all up to date and in line with British Policing Standards.

“It was good of Sharon to keep in touch with us since her last visit in 2007 and showing that she really cared about the development of personal safety on St Helena.”

Sharon also commented:

“The training has gone extremely well; out of the 35 officers trained we have managed to accredit four instructors and an assistant coach. This will enable the training team on St Helena to provide ongoing personal safety training and ensure that all officers and staff have the necessary skills and knowledge to protect themselves and the public in conflict situations.”

Sharon departs the Island today, Friday 14 September and will travel to Ascension to deliver personal safety training to the St Helena Police Officers there.

The St Helena Police Service would like to extend their thanks to Sharon for agreeing to come to St Helena to deliver the training, and also to the Kent Police Service for her release during this time.

14 September 2012

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