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8 September 2012
Football: Harts 3, Fugees 0
St Helena Football league Francis Plain, Fugees vs Harts
Dane Wade (Harts) shields the ball from Kyle Yon of Fugees

Darrin Henry

On Saturday 8 September, Harts recorded a 3-0 win against their St Pauls rivals, Fugees.

Last week Fugees had become the first team this season to take points off Rovers, having drawn with them 2-2, so much was expected of this week’s encounter with Harts.

The game began with both teams showing too much respect to the other, almost more afraid of conceding a goal rather than scoring. Most of the skirmishes took place in the middle third of the pitch as the midfield generals tried to take control. Denny Leo and Anton Henry were pulling the strings for Fugees, but their opposite numbers, Ryan George and Martin Joshua were edging the contest slightly as Harts pinged the ball around with an impressive passing display that they’re not shown for some time.

The first goal, when it finally came, was a rather disappointing moment, for Fugees at least. A hopeful punt forward to his Harts strikers by Dane Wade was over hit, however, the Fugees goalkeeper completely misjudged the flight of the ball and allowed it to bounce over his head, into the net.

Early in the second half Harts defender Eugene Williams was yellow carded for a late challenge on Kevin Hudson.

The second goal was almost a carbon copy of the first. Simon Bennett on the right wing for Harts, fired in a hopeful shot from way out on the touchline. Fugees keeper once again mis-read the flight of the ball, running too far under it and could only watch in horror as the net rippled for the second time.

Despite increased effort on the part of Fugees, it never looked likely a comeback was on the cards as the Harts defence were solid all day.

Oscar Thorpe added the third goal a minute from the end, a well taken header from a deep cross.

Final score, Harts 3, Fugees 0.

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