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7 September 2012
Learning about the island’s historic buildings
adam wolfe, St Helena
Adam Wolfe

Damien O'Bey, SHBC

Thursday 13 September is St Helena Watch Day. To celebrate, the Saint Helena National Trust will be promoting educational activities to learn about the island’s historic buildings, forts and shipwrecks and their importance to the rest of the world. Adam Wolfe, St Helena National Trust Director explained more about what St Helena Watch day, “St Helena watch day is funded by the World Monuments Fund which is based in New York," said Wolfe.  "What it’s all about is highlighting awareness and understanding of St Helena’s built heritage so we’re talking about the old buildings, the forts, historic sites and the historic shipwrecks that lie along the coast. The real fabric that helps define the island and makes it so unique in the world.”

One of the sponsors for the event is the World Monuments Fund. “The World Monuments Fund is well established," said Wolfe, "and they're very keen to promote awareness and understanding of historic monuments and built heritage around the world.  St Helena is being placed on the Watch list because it’s considered at risk. The built environment is considered to be under threat from a number of factors. One of which is the natural process of decay but also from pressures from development, that includes inappropriate development and in certain quarters of St Helena you can see where damage had already been done because the appropriate process hasn’t been followed and therefore sites are being damaged and in some cases lost.”

The events planned for Watch Day are free escorted tours to Lemon Valley and High Knoll Fort and a lunchtime talk at the Museum. Ferries to Lemon Valley will leave at 09:30 am, Wolfe commented “if anybody wants to come we do need bookings because we only have a limited numbers of spaces on the boats.  What we’re planning to do is go down there, have a look at the fortifications, the various buildings down there, of course it is also a slave graveyard as well for the slaves who were rescued from the slave ships and we will perhaps talk about the history, and plans for the future because of course Lemon Valley connects up to Broadbottom where Shelco have their development and certainly there are great opportunities for tourism down there and those buildings, those historic fortifications are big attractions.”


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