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3 September 2012
Activity day held at the library
Library Activity day, St Helena

Damien O'Bey, SHBC


On Thursday 30 August, the Public Library hosted an activity day for children.  The normal quiet was replaced with the hum of approximately 20 children doing craft.
Activity days are an extension of the book week initiative, designed to get children to visit the library and read for pleasure.  They are organised by the public library working group.
"We don't have that many today," said Librarian Jill Young, commenting on the number of children  in the library.

Children partook in a range of crafts.  "I made a picture frame and some other things," said Lauren Crowie. "I really did enjoy today because it is a lot of fun.  I've been here for a few minutes," revealed Demi George, "and I've also made a picture frame."  "I come to the Library whenever they have activity days," said Lianna Crowie, "they always have activity days in the holidays."

Prudy Joshua is a Teaching Assistant at Harford Primary School, she volunteered to help out with crafts on activity day.  "At the moment I am recylcing a CD Case and turning it into a picture frame," said Prudy.  "Hopefully if they watch me they will learn that they can help to save money by recycling a lot of stuff they find in their homes.  My craft groups in Harford School are based on recycling, we even recycle egg shells, turning them into wobbly heads."

Activity day drew to a close around 2pm.


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