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16 August 2012


St Helena Honeymoon Chair
Honeymoon Chair refurbishment underway

Sherrilee Phillips, SHBC

Honeymoon Chair Restoration
The reconstruction of the Honeymoon Chair on the Seafront has commenced following the accidental collapse of the frame structure on the 25th of April, last reported in Issue 13 of The Sentinel. At that time ANRD were carrying out a trimming operation which caused the frame to collapse.

Gavin George, Manager of Lands and Buildings, provided an update about the construction progress, "A contract has now been awarded to Raymond Andrews, however you might not see progress as quickly on the ground as you might expect, simply because staunches need to be fabricated off site and they need to stand up ready for the lintels and trestle. So there's not a lot of structure work on site apart from standing the staunches up. It's hopefully going to be a much stronger structure than the last one."

Once the frame structure is completed, the bougainvillea will be trained to cover the canopy.

The construction works of the Honeymoon frame should be completed by the end of August and it will then be determined whether the chair itself will need any work, probably with a coat of paint.

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