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24 July 2012

Jamestown Rifle Club endemics planted by Girl Guides

Girl Guides planting endemic trees at the Jamestown Rifle Club
Girl Guides planting endemic trees at the Jamestown Rifle Club

Pat Henry, Jamestown Rifle Club

(extracted from the Sentinel newspaper, 26 July, vol 1 issue 18)

On Tuesday afternoon, 24 July 2012, at 4.30pm, a group from the Jamestown Girl Guides turned up at the shooting range to plant some endemic trees.

The idea came about after the Project Development Plan was approved to erect an excess/exit bridge over the shooting range target house. Members of the rifle club discussed at their annual general meeting in April 2012 what could be done to improve, beautify and make the shooting range area more attractive to all visitors as they crossed over the bridge. One idea was to renew the target house to blend in with the new Customs Building and the other was to plant some endemic trees and other greenery.

The Conservation Department at ANRD were also keen on the idea of trying to beautify the Moat, and supplied some endemic Rosemary and Gumwood plants. Mrs Jill Young and Mrs June Lawrence were invited by the club chairman to have the Jamestown Girl Guides get involved in this project, which they were pleased to accept. The Jamestown Rifle Club has long promoted youth activities as part of its programme, and this was another way to encourage our young people to get involved in the development of their community.

The group who took part in the tree planting: Guide leaders Mrs Jill Young, Mrs June Lawrence and Mrs Zoe George. Girl Guides, Megan Crowie, Megan Peters, Sunna Thomas, Jodie Scipio-Constantine, Lauren Crowie, Rhionna Richards, Regan Backhouse, Melinda Mudangwe, Sophia Bowers, Chelsea Young, Julianna Legg, Lisa Joshua, Kimberly Piek and Amelia O'Bey.

Well done and thanks to the Girl Guides as we look forward to seeing the endemics grow.

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