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6 July 2012

Stedson Francis at Formal LegCo meeting on St Helena
Councillor Stedson Francis at formal LegCo on 6 July 2012

Sharon Henry, SHBC

There was a formal sitting of Legislative Council on Friday 6 July at 10am in the Court House, Jamestown.

Speaker Cathy Hopkins oversaw the proceedings.  Councillor Earl Henry was welcomed to his first formal meeting of council following the By Election last month.  Councillor Henry was also elected to the Public Accounts Committee by council.  Four papers were submitted for approval, 13 questions and four motions put to the House.

Question no. 11 was put forward by Councillor Stedson Francis, who asked the Chairman of the Infrastructure and Utilities Committee, Mervyn Yon, “How have the six individual wind turbines been performing during the first six months of this current calendar year?”

Francis spoke to The Sentinel newspaper after the meeting.

“I didn’t get my answer to that because individual means how many kilowatts for each turbine for the first six months of the year,” said Francis.  “I’m sure that would have shown some of the turbines probably didn’t register any output at all because each time I drive down the road I look out there and I’ve never ever seen six running at any one time.  I don’t know if its just coincidence or what but the last two days there were five running but previous to that there’ve been two, three so I’m sure we are really losing out on the benefits from those turbines.  And if they are unreliable or not performing the way they should then should we really be getting six more of the same type?”

So you didn’t really get your answer?  “No, but the Honourable Chairman said he would furnish me with [answers] to that main question maybe today or some other time,” added Francis.

The meeting concluded with an adjournment debate.

A full report from this formal sitting of LegCo will be published in The Sentinel, on Thursday 12 July.


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