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23 June 2012
Football: Rovers 1, Bellboys 0

St Helena football Rovers vs Bellboys
Bellboys keeper Keith Yon shouting instructions as his team defend against Rovers

Darrin Henry, SHBC

Clayton Benjamin scored the only goal as Rovers narrowly beat Bellboys 1-0 on Saturday 23 June 2012.

This game had been postponed from 12 May.

The first half turned into a very even contest, both teams cancelling each other out. The midfield battle was fierce. Ryan Benjamin, Tommy Lee Young and Anthony Bennett for Bellboys were working extremely hard to contain their opposite numbers.

On 17 mins Josh Young carved out a great goal scoring chance, going past the keeper and through on goal. He was stopped by a perfectly timed clearing tackle by Rovers’ defensive pillar, Shane Clifford.

With both teams playing in yellow and black, referee Declan Clifford had to keep a keen eye on proceedings. With rain throughout much of the match and heavy conditions, Clifford did a great job, which is never easy with highly competitive players to control.
First half ended goalless.

Then, on 58 mins, the decisive moment. Rico Benjamin made a break down the right wing for Rovers, and, running at full pace fired a powerful cross into the box. Clayton met it about 7 yards out with a perfectly executed header.

Final score, 1-0 Rovers, who now boast a league record of played 6, won 6.

“Well we were hoping for the win,” said goal scorer Clayton Benjamin afterwards. “We were working really hard for it. My goal, well it was all to do with Rico Benjamin, lovely ball he put through for me, and I was right on the end to put it away.” With Rovers 100% record so far, (played 6, won 6) I asked Clayton who did they see as their main threat in the second half of the season?  “Well I reckon it’s going to be the Fugees,” said Clayton. “They’re pulling themselves together.”


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