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17 June 2012
Ladies Rounders
Blue Heartz 11.5, Misfits 6

Ladies St Helena Rounders
Geita Leo-Crowie of Blue Heartz

Sinead Green, SHBC

With improved weather conditions than Saturday, the Women's Rounder's tournament continued on Sunday with the first match of the day, Blue Heartz vs Misfits.

Blue Heartz won the toss and decided to bat.

Misfits produced impressive fielding, with great backing up techniques between the ladies.  Heartz stood their ground, amongst all the half rounders Juliette Leo-Crowie made a solid connection to add a full rounder on the score.

Blue Heartz were all out for 8 1/2 rounder's.  Teams changed positions and Blue Heartz took their turn on the field.  Misfits immediately looked for spaces between the fielders but Heartz stuck together with great team work, a good arm from Emma Piek on the right hand side of the field and a second confident catch from Maylin Leo behind the wicket made sure Misfits could not produce much score.  Misfits made a total of 4.

Both teams took turns to field and bat.  Blue Heartz once again dominated the game, making the Misfits work hard.  With team captain Melissa Clingham out of the game (caught) she kept her team together with good communication from the sidelines.   Daryl Legg of Misfits managed to get a 3rd brilliant catch for the day.  The final score for Blue Heartz 11 1/2.

The heat was now on for the Misfits to come back.  Tara Pelembe found a sweet spot on the bat and made 1/2 a rounder.  Blue Heartz defended their title, great team work paid off with Geita Leo-Crowie (Heartz) instinctively guarding second base.  The Final score for the Misfits, 6, which meant Heartz sealed the win with 11 1/2.

Women of the match went to Charlotte Williams of the Blue Heartz.




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