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15 June 2012
Street Piano
Street Piano in Jamestown, St Helena

Damien O'Bey, SHBC

On Friday 15th June, workers and shoppers in Jamestown were treated to a piano recital by Steven Jones.

Members of Enterprise St Helena stumbled upon his musical talent whilst attending a meeting in the Consulate Hotel.  Impressed with the standard of Jones’ playing they invited him to perform outside the Canister.

Jones is British and currently here on holiday, he works in the North of Norway and has always had a keen interest in music.

"I got a keyboard for Christmas when I was aged seven," said Jones, "so I started to play from that age. But it wasn't until I was ten that I started taking regular lessons. From there on I made very quick progress and went over to playing the organ when I was 12 and I've been playing a lot since then, both having concerts and playing for church services and doing different things. I work in the north of Norway, I work up there as organist in a church in a place called Harstad which has about 23,000 inhabitants."

Upon hearing Jones performing, Andrew Mc Hugh who is also here on holiday promptly fetched his violin and joined in.

The duo performed alternate songs entertaining bystanders for approximately 3 hours.



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