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4 June 2012
Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations
Successful street party on St Helena
Diamond Jubilee Celebrations on St Helena

Darrin Henry, SHBC

St Helena celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a noisy and colourful street party in Jamestown, on Monday 4 June, 2012.

At least a thousand people converged on the Parade Square in Jamestown to enjoy the day’s festivities, generating a cheerful and upbeat atmosphere. The proceedings began a little before 10am with uniformed groups marching down Main Street, into the Square, led by the Police and the Scout band. Distinguished guests assembled on the newly constructed stage outside the courthouse, the focal point for proceedings. Prayers were said, hymns sung and Governor Mark Capes made a short speech.

Fifty four Jubilee medals were then presented to members of the emergency services by Governor Capes, assisted by Miss St Helena, Leoni Ellick.

The Get-To-Gethers Orchestra played light music for an hour as people browsed the array of stalls around the Square. Lower Jamestown had been closed to traffic from the Canister down, making it a rare novelty to enjoy the Parade Square completely free of vehicles.
A Little Miss Jubilee and Miss Jubilee were won by Kelly-Jo Peters and Niza Yon respectively. Tony Leo entertained the crowd with a selection of folk music followed by an energetic line dancing display.

Diamond Jubilee celebrations on St Helena

At 2.30pm a street parade of music, dancing and Jubilee floats arrived, having travelled down from the hospital. The parade was awash with the red, white and blue theme colours, which the large majority of people on the day had embraced with a great sense of pride and fun.
Novelty Sports were the highlight of the afternoon with the Basil Read team emerging victorious.

Governor Mark Capes lit the Jamestown Jubilee Beacon at 7pm, on top of the Arch. A few seconds later the tall flame from the beacon at the top of Ladder Hill could also be clearly seen.

At 7.30pm a spectacular fireworks display was launched from the top of Ladder Hill.
Karaoke by Colin Peters and other music continued into the night.


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