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3 June 2012
Football: Raiders 1, Bellboys 1
Football on St Helena, Raiders vs Bellboys
Tommy Lee Young on the ball for Bellboys

Damien O'Bey, SHBC

After recent rainy spells, we were treated to a day of brilliant sunshine for week 5 of the 2012 football season. 

For Bellboys Tommy Lee Young, Ryan Benjamin and Leroy Caswell formed a 3 man midfield.   Josh Young and Anthony Bennett patrolled the wings whilst Scott Crowie led the attack.  Ryan Benjamin put in a gritty assured performance.  He did a great job of dispossessing the Raiders midfield and was at the heart of all of the Bellboys attacking football. 

Darrin Henry playing in his first game anchored the raiders midfield allowing brothers Wayne and Meshara Yon to concentrate on attacking and play in the final third of the Bellboys half.
Keepers Keith Yon and Shavone Hayes were untroubled as both teams were restricted to long range efforts in the first 20 Min.

The Bellboys took the lead against the run of play.  Joshua Young played a speculative looping ball into the Raiders penalty area.  Keeper Shavone Hayes misread the flight of the ball and allowed it to bump over his head and into his goal, gifting the Bellboys the lead.
The Raiders equalised late in the 1st half. Damien Stevens hurled the ball deep into the Bellboys penalty area from a throw in, Michael Bedwell was the first to the ball and saw his header loop over Bellboys keeper and across the goal line.  Scores were even at the half time interval.

In the 2nd half Raiders pushed forward and created a number of chances, whilst the Bellboys preferred to play counter attacking football, they too created chances to win the game.

The winning goal proved elusive for both teams and the game ended with the score locked at 1-1




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