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1 June 2012
Councillor Yon to attend UK conference
St Helena Legislative Council member, Mervyn Yon

Sinead Green, SHBC

On Sunday 3rd June Councillor Mervyn Yon will leave St Helena on the RMS, heading for the UK via Ascension Island.

“I’m representing St Helena Government in the 42nd British Island and Mediterranean region annual conference in the Scottish Parliament, situated in Edinburgh Scotland” said Yon.  The conference, hosted by the Scotland Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), will run from 10th-14th June, with the theme ‘Making Parliaments Relevant’. 

“The topics for discussion are interesting, it’s a wide range” Yon said “I’m mostly interested in the main topic which is the preventive spend, which can help to get your priorities right, and the media, because that is relevant to St Helena”. 

Councillor Mervyn Yon has been in Council for 15 years and this trip will make it his tenth time away on business.  “I would recommend anyone with the opportunity to go on these conferences to represent St Helena Government,” said Yon, “that they should take advantage of it. It does broaden your knowledge because I’ve found it’s broadened mine, and it’s an eye opener; you get different ideas on how things work”. 

Yon will be off island for 19 days. “I will leave on the 3rd and return on the 22nd June.”  During Councillor Yon’s absence, Councillor Tony Green will act as Chairman of the Infrastructure and Utilities Committee and Councillor Stedson Francis will be appointed as a temporary member of Executive Council.


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