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26 May 2012
Big Schools Concert
Prince Andrew School Big Schools Concert, St Helena
The Prince Andrew School Rock Band

Sherrilee Phillips, SHBC

On Saturday 26 May, Prince Andrew School (PAS) played host to an event that has not happened for the past 10 years, the Big Schools Concert.  A total of 190 students from all four schools practiced for six months to show case their talent in a 2 hour long show. 

The evening opened with a speech from the Governor’s wife, Mrs Tamara Capes and the first performance was a song, sung by the three primary schools.  A violin duet was performed by the Harford violins, Nandeli Pelembe performed a saxophone solo and the PAS Rock Band also played.  Instruments played in the concert were of a wide range including guitars, recorders, keyboards and piano. There were also vocal performances from the PAS rock band and the Glee choir.

At PAS, 500 free tickets were made available to family, friends and members of the public.  Donations to the school PTA where collected and a raffle also took place; winners were announced in the half hour interval.

The show was organised by Ms Tina Lucy, music teacher at PAS.  Lucy was pleased with the show’s performances. "The night went very well and I'm very pleased with the way the children performed.  They sang well and played well and the audience seemed to be very appreciative.  I think we made a reasonable amount for the PTAs as well because the raffle was successful, people were very generous with their donations.  I think everyone is probably pretty exhausted."

The night was a success and gave students around the island an opportunity to show the public their talent.  Leoni Ellick, the recently crowned Miss St Helena was also in attendance and had a front row seat.  "It was a really enjoyable evening with a lot of talent and it was great to see the children show casing it" said Leoni.  This was a feeling expressed by many within the audience who quickly rushed at the end of the concert to congratulate students and Lucy for their efforts. 


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