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25 May 2012
ECG Machine Donated to Hospital
Fire Service donate ECG machine to the hospital
Jason Lawrence (left) and Steven Constantine of Fire Service with Cardiac Nurse, Samantha Thomas taking receipt of the new ECG machine.

Damien O'Bey, SHBC

On Friday 25 May, Steven Constantine and Jason Lawrence of the St Helena Fire Service made the official presentation of an Electrocardiogram (ECG) machine to Nursing staff of the General Hospital.

In a short ceremony Steven explained how the idea to make a donation to the Hospital came about.
"The Fire Service wanted to give something back to the community and we thought the best way to do it was through the Hospital.  We met with the nurses to see what piece of equipment would be best to donate and they told us an ECG Machine."

Cardiac Nurse Samantha Thomas explained "The ECG Machine is an important piece of equipment.  It helps to monitor the electrical pulses of the heart and helps Doctors and Nurses to diagnose patients who have heart problems."

The Fire Department did a cleanup operation of Jacobs Ladder.  The bottles and glass collected from the cleanup was then recycled and made into furniture by Michael "Newpence" Benjamin.  The furniture was then raffled and the money raised used to purchase the ECG Machine.

Hospital Nursing Officer Anna Crowie was grateful for the donation. "As you know our budget is not very great so we always appreciate donations like this.  There is also another piece of equipment that hasn't arrived yet, hopefully it will be on the next ship.  It will be a patient’s vital signs monitor.  We would also like to thank the Fire Department for this donation."



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