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19 May 2012
Leoni Ellick - Miss St Helena 2012
Nine young ladies contested the crown which was won by Leoni
Miss St Helena 2012
Ashton Yon (1st runner-up), Leoni Ellick (Miss St Helena), Sasha Bargo (2nd runner-up)


Leoni Ellick (19) was crowned Miss St Helena 2012 at the Consulate Ballroom on Saturday evening, 19th May.

The judges choice also a clear favourite with the audience, with loud cheers of approval as her number was called out. Ashton Yon was the 1st Runner Up followed by Sasha Bargo as 2nd Runner Up.

Nine ladies took part, numbered as follows:
1 Sash Benjamin - St Pauls
2 Imogen Henry - St Pauls
3 Sasha Bargo - Half Tree Hollow
4 Madolyn Andrews - Half Tree Hollow
5 Maria Francis - Blue Hill
6 Ashton Yon - St Pauls
7 Leoni Ellick - Half Tree Hollow
8 Jessica Sim - Jamestown
9 Erica Richards - Jamestown

Leoni Ellick, Miss St Helena 2012
Leoni in 1st round casual wear and 2nd round evening wear

MC for the evening was Merrill Joshua. The contestants were judged on two rounds: a casual wear and an evening wear round. In between there was a beach wear themed entertainment round performed by the nine ladies as a group, but this round didn't contribute to the judges scores.

As winner Leoni received a cheque for £500 plus a dinner for 6 at Flagg's Accommodation and a photo shoot with Capricorn Studios.

A full report of the evening's events and photos to follow in the next edition of the Sentinel, out on Thursday 24 May.




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