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16 May 2012
SHELCO presentation at St Paul's Primary
St Pauls primary school children during SHELCO presentation
St Pauls primary school children and teachers during SHELCO presentation

Sherrilee Phillips, SHBC

Jeremy Blake and Linda Houston of SHELCO visited St Paul's primary school on 16 May to give a presentation on their development at Broad Bottom. Blake, the main lead, tailored a presentation to suit the needs of primary school pupils.

Taking them through a visual presentation of images, projected onto a screen, Blake focused on the building material that will be used. Lime hemp is the second fastest growing plant worldwide, with 2 inches of growth a day. He showed pupils how diverse the material is. It is used for clothing, car bodywork, and paper. Because of it is a hardwearing material it's also used to make important documents and paper money. Blake showed St Paul's their plans to build a wire bird sanctuary, igniting interest from both pupils and teachers. A pupil commented they had seen a wire bird on their playing field. They were concerned about the protection in place for the wire bird and that SHELCO might have only considered rats as a predator. Blake said, "Minah bird and feral cats are the other two issues that we also need to try to address. Minah birds eat the wire bird eggs, which is a different issue, whereas the rats we believe are the biggest problem."

Pupils asked a number of questions including the money question: how much the project would cost? They were told the project will strongly dependent on the airport being completed on time and the cost of the project, as a whole, is not yet known. Pupils also spoke about jobs, Blake gave the example of a boy, aged 5, from another school. "I told him when he's 11 there will be jobs available."

SHELCO have visited Pilling and Harford already. Their last school visit will be Prince Andrew, tomorrow, Friday.





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