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16 May 2012
Candidates for By Election announced
St Helena Island By Election nominees announced
Mrs Gillian Francis, Returning Officer announcing the By Election nominees

Sherrilee Phillips, SHBC

On 16 May nominations for the West's By Election came to a close at 1pm.

Gillian Francis, Returning Officer, announced in council chambers the three candidates who are running. They are:

Eric George of Palm Cottage, Jamestown, sponsored by Cyril George and Gilbert Legg.
Earl Henry of Thompson's Hill, sponsored by Philip John and Delia Allen.
Lionel Williams of HTH, sponsored by Patrick Thomas and Lionel Lawrence.

Both Williams and George have served as councillors previously.

Williams has served a term as councillor from 2005 for the west constituency. "There are a number of issues facing the island. I think that austerity measures and continuous increases are not the only options whilst waiting for tourism. There are other ways that SHG are not exploring. When I was previously on council I was instrumental in securing an infrastructure review, headed by John Cocks. From the outside, I can see it is not happening according to plan, I would like to know why? My next issue is that the constitution was not passed with the majority of votes from legislative council, why has this not been addressed?"

George first became a councillor in 1993 when the 8 district system was still in place, he represented Sandy Bay constituents. "I am very concerned about the many changes affecting the lives of our people. I can contribute to this by ensuring that these changes do benefit Saints in whatever way possible, in particular people on low incomes and vulnerable families. I am also most concerned about how these changes are affecting our health and education services."

Henry is the newcomer of the three candidates. "I have offered myself as a candidate in this By Election because I believe that I can contribute positively to the changes that we all will experience as the island prepare for air access. Yes, if elected to council it will be a whole new experience for me as I will have to learn the rules of the game. I have a reasonable understanding of the workings of government, having worked in SHG and the experience of working in the private sector. I would like to thank my sponsors and supporters for my nomination and look forward to working with the constituency as a whole. Whilst I do not profess to be a unionist, I am a firm believer that 'united we stand, divided we fall.'"

Polling day is set for 13 June at the following community centres: Half Tree Hollow, Kingshurst, Blue Hill and Sandy Bay.





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