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8 May 2012
Tanker Jo Acer in Ruperts
Tanker arrives to replenish island fuel stocks
Tanker Jo Acer discharging fuel at St Helena Island
Jo Acer pumping fuel in Ruperts Bay on Tuesday 8 May 2012


The Tanker ‘Jo Acer’ arrived on Tuesday, 8th May 2012 to replenish the Island’s fuel stocks.

While the tanker is anchored in Rupert’s Bay, it is necessary for the Beach area to be closed to the public until all fuel has been discharged, which is scheduled to be completed by early afternoon the next day, on Wednesday 9th May.

A total of 686.08 metric tonnes of diesel fuel and 150.07 tonnes of petrol is expected to be unloaded.

The last refuelling tanker visit was 3 months ago on 13 February, also the ‘Jo Acer’.




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