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5 April 2012
Maunday Thursday Fishing
A young boy fishing on Maunday Thursday evening on St Helena

Terri Clingham

Thursday 5th April was the traditional ‘Maundy Thursday’ fishing event for the residents of St Helena. People gathered at the Wharf to cast their rods over the side hoping to catch some fish to have with their buns on Good Friday morning.

Approximately 70-100 people were at the Wharf during the evening, along with their kiddies and their miniature rods. Fortunately there was no rain like past years, the sky was clear, with the moon and stars radiant overhead. The Fire & Rescue Service were out and about in the launch, making rounds checking up on fisherman for safety matters.

This occasion was almost cancelled as the Wharf was originally closed due to large amounts of cargo present from the RMS call this week, but luckily enough cargo was cleared and the Harbour Master changed his original decision and allowed people to enter, although vehicles were not granted access.

The event wasn’t as successful as previous years, in terms of numbers, but there was still a good turnout.




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