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3 April 2012
Vandals put Jamestown Residents at Risk
Rock stabilisation nets on St Helena Island

Sherrilee Phillips

This week, the police received a report of vandalism. 

Rock guards, Eric Clingham and Eric Thomas, carried out a routine inspection of the rock protection fences around Jamestown and discovered 31 retaining shackles had been stolen.  The stolen shackles were taken from the nets overlooking  the old customs shed area, along Munden's walk. Shackles were also  found discarded over the wall, look down toward the customs building area. This fence has now been repaired. 

The removal of these shackles mean that in the event of a rock fall the fencing might not work and could result in severe consequences. 

The Roads Section urges anyone with information about the theft of these shackles to be forthcoming especially if they are aware of any other fences that may have been tampered with.

A full news report from this story can be read in The Sentinel from 5 April 2012.


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